Introducing a better way to clean for a better, cleaner you.
Backed by science. Inspired by your passion.

Our parent company Amyris solves problems and improves the world with sustainable science. We all agreed it didn’t make sense that people in tough, dirty jobs should have to use harsh, petroleum-based, smog-causing solvents to clean up. This is what kick-started our team of biochemists on a 10+ year mission to develop Muck Daddy, a new and superior industrial hand cleaner. Soon, Muck Daddy will feature a full line of additional bioengineered industrial cleaning products for a newer, better way to clean, from your hands to everything else in the shop.

Our proprietary ingredients were formulated to work faster and leave your hands clean, smooth, conditioned and free from visible cracks. Whatever your passion is at work, home, hobbies, and beyond, Muck Daddy works better, cleans faster and even smells better. And we did it all without harsh chemicals, so it’s better for the planet too. Order yours now and you’ll see in a matter of seconds the difference Muck Daddy makes.

The Muck Daddy Difference:

  • Proven to perform as well or better than traditional cleaners
  • Designed to leave your hands clean, smooth and conditioned
  • Bioengineered to remove oil, grease, and grime in seconds
  • Made to moisturize and condition skin, leaving it looking less cracked
  • Eco-friendly and free of petroleum solvents without compromise in performance
  • Fresh, pleasant scent with no foul scent to mask
  • Formulated by bioscientists, backed with 10+ years of scientific development
  • Unique, effective ingredients derived from 100% sustainably-sourced sugarcane
  • Powered with a proprietary and patented innovative grease-cutting ingredient without harmful chemicals, Myralene™ 10
  • Bioengineered with a key ingredient called Squalane, an effective skin conditioner