No one’s ever cleaned with the technology in Muck Daddy before.

That’s because we just invented it.

A better cleaning technology, 10+ years in the making

The modern world needs better, safer ways to clean, so we’ve bioengineered a brand new cleaning molecule, Myralene™ 10. It is as effective or better at cutting grease, grime, and oil than the petroleum- and limonene-based solvents on the market today…without the nasty stink or sting!

It’s also USDA Certified Bio-Based, eco-friendly, sustainably-made, and compliant with VOC regulations. As an ingredient in cleaning products, it’s much easier on the people that use it, and the planet itself! Myralene™ 10 is the key cleaning ingredient in the Muck Daddy formulas.

Biotechnology makes it better

Utilizing a cutting edge biotech platform, our parent company Amyris has been creating eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based technology for over 10 years.

Our large staff of biologists and chemists apply the natural, biological process of fermentation, feeding sustainably-farmed sugarcane to specific strains of yeast. These yeast cells become microscopic factories, digesting the sugarcane and excreting the brand new hydrocarbon molecules that we want. These bioengineered molecules can safely replace unsustainable, environmentally dangerous ingredients, affordably, and on an industrial scale.

We’ve created everything from cost-effective malaria vaccines to bio-based jet fuel. Basically, our mission is to bioengineer unique molecules that solve stubborn problems, in a way that’s better for people, companies, and the planet!

Our own, revolutionary molecule

On the list of commonly-used chemicals that are toxic, noxious, and nasty…industrial-strength grease-cutting solvents are pretty high up there. Most contain smelly, resource-depleting petroleum solvents, or smog-causing VOCs like limonene that are increasingly becoming illegal to use.

Our bioengineers wondered…Why couldn’t there be a way to clean that didn’t leave the world worse off than it started? So they created a high-performing cleaning molecule that was bio-based, eco-friendly, pleasant to use, and just as effective (if not more so!) than anything on the market. That molecule is our own, patented Myralene™ 10, and it’s the key ingredient in our Muck Daddy line.

Not only is Myralene™ 10 amazingly good at cleaning every surface we tested, it also smells and feels great, and is safe and gentle to skin. Thinking of the millions of people who work with their hands and get dirty in the course of their jobs, hand cleaners were the first formulas that we developed. For added skin conditioning, we added our own bioengineered squalane, a stable, optimized form of the natural moisture molecule found in skin. We’ll shortly be expanding our brand to include a wide variety of household cleaners, all using our proprietary technology.

A futuristic, game-changing technology, available NOW

As you can imagine, multi-billion-dollar household product companies can take years to evaluate and incorporate innovation from other companies into their established product lines. There can be a lot of risk and expense for them to try something new.

Based on our heritage within Amyris, our corporate mission is to apply modern science to improve the world, not to sell products. But we decided to create the Muck Daddy brand to make this revolutionary cleaning technology available today, so people and things can be cleaner, greener, safer, and healthier as soon as possible.

(And if other companies want to learn more about Myralene™ 10 and how to use it in their products, we are more than happy to share!)